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Classification, introduction and use of nickel screens Aug 02, 2017

Nickel mesh products can be divided into: nickel mesh, nickel wire mesh, nickel foil network, nickel plate network of several categories.

The nickel screen is mainly used for screening in acid and alkali environment and separating gas, liquid and other mediums.

Among them, woven nickel mesh has plain weave, twill weave, plain weave, Holland weave, twill Holland weave, reverse Holland weaving five methods.

Specification for nickel mesh 1 mesh --330 mesh. Anping wire rod screen factory has many years of experience in the production of nickel screen, the production of nickel network has the stability of filtering, fine and so on. Various types of nickel mesh products can also be designed and manufactured according to user needs.

1, tabby net: is the most common knitting method, the main feature is warp and weft to the same density of wire diameter.

2, pure nickel nickel nickel square mesh square mesh used in petroleum, chemical industry, chemical fiber, rubber, tire manufacturing, metallurgy, medicine, food and other industries, all kinds of mesh, nickel silk into cloth, with acid and alkali, high temperature resistance and good performance.

3, pure nickel wire mesh material: nickel wire weaving: plain weave, twill woven wire mesh nickel nickel wire mesh, bamboo weaving performance of nickel wire mesh: has the characteristics of stable performance and fine filtration. Uses: used in aerospace, petroleum, chemical and other industries.

According to the classification: 1 nickel net woven plain weave, twill weave, 2 3, Holland 4, Holland plain woven twill weave nickel mesh size 1 mesh --330 mesh material. N6 uses: used in acid and alkali environment under the condition of sifting and filtering.