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Cylinder business net mesh size selection Aug 02, 2017

(1) the flower type structure of fine pattern and line selection of large mesh network.

(2) the fabric properties of thick fabric grout, should use small mesh nets. Cotton fabric with small mesh size, chemical fiber and blended fabric with large mesh network.

(3) the paste properties of the paste fluidity, can choose a large mesh network.

(4) the printing speed of locomotive speed, paste permeability rate is low, the number of small net.

When printing large area when pattern (a wrapping line) with 60 Objective: small area network round flower type (no wrapping line) using 80 mesh cylinder: flower type electronic mainly using 80 mesh cylinder better: pattern oriented lines with 100 mesh is more common.

To determine the round net mesh size integrated a variety of conditions, combined with the actual situation of production. All round net mesh can be printed the fine line width is shown in table:

The relationship between circular net mesh size and the size of lines

Number 100806040

Line sizes (mm) 0.25, 0.3, 0.4, 0.6