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Nickel screen new ultrasonic technology cleaning printing Aug 02, 2017

The pattern on the round nickel net is a photosensitive adhesive that is solidified at high temperature. The cleaning of the round nickel screen is related to quality and cost. A new application of membrane technology and ultrasonic cleaning, cleaning in the printing of round nickel screen, can be reused by round nickel screen, not only can reduce the production cost, but also has the positive social benefits of ultrasonic cleaning has brought a revolution in the field of nickel net cleaning.

The cleaning mechanism of the utility model is that the plurality of cavitation cores in the liquid are blasted, and the pigments adhered in the round nickel mesh are completely stripped, so that each mesh is clean, and the quality of the re printing is guaranteed.  Using ultrasonic wave stripping machine, with the environmentally friendly non-toxic removal agent, in a few minutes, you can peel off the high temperature photosensitive adhesive, neither damage the round nickel screen, but also avoid the wrinkles caused by manual operation. The repeated use ratio of the round nickel net after the ultrasonic wave stripping machine is more than twice as good as that after the manual operation.

Due to the characteristics of many varieties and small quantities, the proportion of nickel screen in printing is larger. After the intact round nickel net is degumming, the new flower shape can be renewed, and the cost of each round nickel mesh can be saved by more than 180 yuan. If 250 times a month are used, the utility model can save more than 40 thousand yuan, and saves nearly 500 thousand yuan a year. If the small orders at ten thousand meters per metre, using round nickel screen printing costs 0.40 yuan, if the round nickel screen reused once, only a round nickel screen can reduce the cost of 0.20 yuan / m. Due to the fierce competition in the market, some of the company's net profit is only 0.10 yuan / m2, so round nickel screen film recycling is the company to reduce costs, improve the competitiveness of the weapon.