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Printing mechanism Aug 02, 2017

The rotary screen printing machine usually consists of four parts, such as cloth feeding device, printing head, drying device and cloth dropping device. At present, rotary screen printing machine usually has eight colors, twelve colors, sixteen colors, twenty-four colors and other rotary screen printing machine. The printing machine mainly has two kinds of flowers, such as 640mm and 904mm. Among them, 640mm flower back screen printing machine is mostly. The rotary screen printing machine has the advantages of simple operation, low labor intensity, high yield, suitable for printing of various fabrics, and it is suitable for printing of many varieties and small quantities of fabrics.

(1) cloth feeding device, rotary screen printing machine, cloth feeding device, cloth cloth, cloth and cloth, two kinds of cloth.  When the cloth is involved in the cloth, the swinging cloth can be rolled on the cloth roll, and the cloth is introduced into the printing device by the direction of the cloth roller. When woven, the fabric is finished with a cycle of rubber tracks. The track is firstly coated with a thermoplastic resin layer on the top of the roller, and the fabric can be ground and pasted. An infrared radiation heater is provided beside the rubber roller to heat the resin on the caterpillar track. Thermoplastic resin can be applied to 20~100 meters fabric at one time. If it is found that the viscosity is bad, it can be coated with a coat.

(two) the rotary screen printing device for printing device includes round net, scraper and grouting device.

The 1. round screen is the flower version of the printing press.  Made of nickel metal, also known as nickel mesh, hexagonal mesh. Both ends of the cylinder bulkhead fixed, to prevent the printing cylinder deformation, impact on the accuracy of the flower, can withstand the pressure of printing paste and scraper. In order to improve the elasticity of the round net and reduce the pressure, the circle net should deviate from the center line of the support roller, and usually deviate from about 16mm. Each round net base is provided with a reading device, which can display the pressure of the scraper in each direction.

2. scraper rotary screen printing machine is installed on the scraper frame on the center of the circle net. The scraper frame is provided with both a scraper and a grout pipe. The scraper is made of chromium, molybdenum, vanadium and steel alloy. It has the characteristics of little friction coefficient and adjustable angle.  When printing, the blade of the scraper is tangent to the inner circle of the round net, and the scraper is mainly applied to the color paste to exert pressure, and the scraping is taken as a compound action.

The squeegee pressure and position of the rotary screen printing machine can be adjusted to suit the printing of various flower types and various thick and thin color paste fabrics.

3. printing device rotary screen printing machine is automatic pulp. Each round mesh is provided with a slurry feeding system. When the colorant is supplied, one end of the plastic pipe on the machine is sheathed on the metal grouting pipe, and the other end of the machine is inserted into the color paste barrel, and is pumped into the round net by the pump, and the height of the liquid paste surface is automatically controlled by the electrode.

(three) drying and distributing device, rotary screen printing machine adopts loose hot air drying. After printing, the rubber track is separated from the rubber track and imported into the drying part, and the pine is arranged on the polyester net, and the cloth is dried by hot air. The cloth is pulled into the cloth vehicle by the electric handle axle.

(four) the advantages and disadvantages of the rotary screen printing machine have advantages of low labor intensity, high production efficiency and strong adaptability to the fabric. Suitable for printing of synthetic fabric, knitted fabric and light fabric. To get flowers and lively, bright color effect, and can avoid the defects of color transfer. However, the effect of printing fine lines is not very satisfactory due to the limitation of round mesh structure.