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Round screen preparation Aug 02, 2017

working procedure

Round die core -- Copper -- polishing -- rolling point -- polishing -- chromium plating -- insulator -- Heating -- hardening -- polishing -- cleaning -- releasing -- nickel net forming

Function of process

1., copper plating can make the core die to round net perimeter requirements, but also because copper metal soft texture, easy to rolling point.

The 2. rolling point is to roll out the round mesh mesh on the copper plated core mold.

3. chrome plating because of the poor bonding power of chromium and nickel so that nickel mesh can be easily removed after forming.

The 4. block is embedded in the mesh part of insulator insulator, in which different in electroplating current: not part of block of nickel, nickel can form a little hole in the net. Generally use epoxy resin 604 and epoxy resin catalyst 650 equal amount of mixing. After baking, bake at 175 degrees for 7 minutes to solidify the insulator.

5. nickel plating is carried out in nickel sulfate and nickel oxide electroplating bath. Nickel wire thickness is generally 0.10--0.12mm. When required, the nickel mesh is removed by mechanical extrusion.