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What is the shared printing nickel screen recycling process? Aug 02, 2017

Nickel screen high temperature curing membrane stripping agent and special membrane cleaning equipment, can realize printing nickel screen recycling, recovery of nickel net indexes meet the requirements of printing production process, comprehensive cost is only about 10% of the net new billet prices.

The printing nickel network recycling technology mainly includes: printing nickel net, high temperature curing membrane peeling agent development, supporting special membrane cleaning equipment development, project technology system integration application. The core technology is the waste nickel screen in the film special equipment with nickel screen high temperature curing membrane peeling agent soaking and swelling, the photosensitive adhesive film fast, no pollution, low cost, complete removal of the membrane peeling; the nickel net for efficient cleaning, to achieve waste recycling nickel net.

Technical points:

The project has developed a self printing nickel screen, high temperature curing film peeling agent and mesh head glue separation agent. By means of physicochemical immersion swelling technology, the nickel net high temperature curing film and mesh head can be rapidly stripped off. Special membrane cleaning equipment has the advantages of novel structure, convenient installation and operation, and the membrane cleaning efficiency is high, to ensure that the nickel net of each mesh opening; to achieve net head immersion separation, nickel screen curing membrane peeling, special membrane cleaning equipment system integration application, greatly improve the recovery efficiency of nickel net.

The comprehensive cost of each film is about the nickel net net billet prices 10%, calculated on this basis, the domestic annual 4 million ~ 5 million nickel net recycling time, can save the cost of 800 million ~10 billion years to reduce production; nickel imports 3000 tons to 4000 tons.

Domestic existing nickel network to achieve recycling, the need for printing nickel nets, high temperature film peeling agent 2000 tons, the market value of about 100 million yuan; special membrane cleaning equipment about 1000 sets, the market value of 300 million yuan.