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Nickel Net Stripping Process Aug 02, 2017

Round nickel mesh pattern is high temperature curing after the photosensitive adhesive, due to multi-species, small batch, round nickel mesh in the cost of printing a larger proportion, if the nickel network can be used repeatedly, to reduce printing costs, improve business The competitiveness of the decisive significance. The perfect round nickel mesh degumming after the re-production of new flower-shaped continue to use, each round nickel network can save 180.00 yuan, if the monthly use of 250, you can save more than forty thousand yuan a year to save nearly five hundred thousand yuan.

Round nickel mesh stripping process:

Off the bulk - → ultrasonic stripping - → cleaning - → dry or dry - → re-use

One, boring head:

Will be with a bulkhead of the round nickel mesh, first put a vertical in the possession of "bulkhead removal agent" in the container, (ambient temperature and soaking time, low temperature, long time.) About 50 minutes after the removal, in the investigation Gently knock on the net support. With the same way to the other end of the bulkhead also off.

Container production: one is to work at room temperature, with stainless steel material according to the diameter of the net, slightly more than fifty millimeters, one put eight to ten net at the same time soak, in order to save "bulkhead removal agent" syrup, , With a stainless steel to do a circle in the bottom of the container, pay attention to leakage can be. Another kind of water bath heating, with stainless steel material according to the size of the rotary screen diameter, do a small container, eight to ten a group, made a large container installed inside, and with steam or electric heating, temperature control in 30 ℃ or so.

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The round nickel mesh into the possession of "stripping liquid" round nickel mesh ultrasonic stripping machine on the shelf, the machine has a temperature automatic control, timing and other functions. The round nickel mesh rotates 360 ° in the slot. Eight minutes will be able to circle all the film on the nickel off. The porosity reached the original more than ninety-nine percent.

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After the film is removed from the film in the round nickel net inside and outside the surface, the round nickel mesh on the bracket, rinse with a water gun. Can also be used to wash the machine to clean, from the savings, fast point of view, rinse with a water gun is simple and effective.

Four, degreasing:

After the use of nickel net printing, the surface containing oil and other substances, after stripping, the nickel net placed in alkaline solution to cook about the surface of the surface of the nickel net will be bright.

Five, dry:

Drying or natural drying can be. Drying the round nickel net upright in a special oven, electric heating drying.

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