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Nickel Wire Screen Has Super Corrosion Resistance Aug 02, 2017

Characteristics of nickel network: nickel network in corrosion resistance, conductive, shielding and other aspects of good performance, mainly for battery electrodes, collecting network, shielding radiation, special gas, liquid filtration, etc..

Nickel screen is made of nickel wire woven screen, the main common nickel wire is N4 and N6, N6 material mainly contains more than 99.5% nickel, applied to N4 material of nickel screen can be replaced by N6 material of nickel wire mesh.

Nickel screen has super corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, mainly used in the strong acid and strong alkali environmental screening and gas, liquid filtration and other media separation.

The main knitting process of nickel wire mesh is plain weave, twill weave and mat weave. Plain weave main specifications for 1 -200 mesh, plain weaving process is the same in every inch of the warp yarns and weft density.

Twill weave main specifications for 1 -220 mesh, twill weave tension is better than that of the plain woven, woven mat type main specifications for 45 -800 mesh, the minimum filtering precision can reach 20um, is the filtering accuracy of plain weave and twill weave net net can not reach.

The production of nickel wire mesh can be produced according to customer's requirements and customer's requirements for wire diameter and mesh. Pure nickel filter screen is mainly used in petroleum, chemical, aerospace and other industries.

Nickel wire knitting network: nickel wire knitting mesh is also a kind of nickel wire mesh, it is a pure nickel wire vapor filter screen, also known as pure nickel wire foam network, pure nickel wire foam nets.

Pure nickel silk knitted net is a kind of special crocheting woven wire mesh is widely used in the special production environment of wire mesh demister, oil and gas, diesel filter, filter processor, network wide general specification for 25mm-600mm. Mesh size, filter accuracy can be produced according to customer requirements.