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Reasons For Nickel Screen Folding Aug 02, 2017

Equipment aspects:

The rubber blanket does not synchronize with the wire speed of the nickel screen;

The transmission of the round net is out of sync;

The deviation of the axis of the bracket on both sides of the circle net; the deviation of the rubber blanket and the lifting of the roller.

Machine operation aspect:

Incorrect selection of scraper;

The scraper pressure adjustment is unreasonable; the scraper angle is not reasonable; the color paste fluidity is not good; the nickel net loading and unloading has not met the regulation request.

The nickel screen: the network is not solid and not sticky bulkhead is not good at developing; pattern; improper curing conditions.

Substrate varieties:

The variety of fabric and specifications, the size of dyeing area, the speed of machine and the degree of speed and so on

Service life of round screen. Generally speaking, polyester / cotton fabrics have lower net breaking rate than pure cotton fabric, narrow fabric is lower than wide fabric, and thinner fabric is lower than heavy fabric.

Repair of damaged nickel mesh: for the damaged nickel mesh, as long as it is not broken or broken from the flower pattern, it can be repaired and reused, and the repair method is:

If the nickel net from bulkhead cracks, but not broken, can cut a flower, coated with a bulkhead glue (epoxy resin and curing agent are mixed evenly, the glue) wrapped in a place for a week, over the outside of the rubber to clean, good use can be used for baking.

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