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Rotary Screen Printing Process Aug 02, 2017

1. The choice of round mesh number, the following factors for reference:

(1) the structure of flowers: fine patterns and lines, should be used relatively high mesh; the other hand, color, thick lines of the flower is selected low head number.

(2) depending on the nature of the fabric: If the amount of thick fabric suction, should choose a lower number of mesh; cotton fabric generally with low head number, and synthetic fiber or other blends with a higher number of mesh.

2. Preparation of round net blanks

(1) round billet unpacking inspection

Net cloth after unpacking to the light of the inspection shelves, carefully observed. Require net dare to light through the light, the brightness of all parts of the same brightness. Magnifying glass to see the mesh was hexagonal, integrity, smooth. Hand touch the net surface without creases, smooth and so on.

(2) net blanks round

Check well, with the tension ring to stretch the two ends of the net, in 150 degrees under the conditions of baking 2 hours to make it round.

(3) removal of the net blank oil cleaning, using 801 # active detergent, add appropriate amount of sulfuric acid, dubbed the cleaning agent, the net immersion 10 minutes after the removal, rinse with water.

3. On the net-sensitive adhesive

(1) the deployment of sensitive adhesive

When dispensing sensitive glue, at the same time should pay attention to its viscosity, with a glass rod dipped in a sensitive adhesive, such as continuous straight down, then the viscosity is moderate. With good, drop alcohol, in the dark room cabinet for more than 1 hour, so that the bubble completely disappeared before use.

(2) glue

Pour the glue into the scraper, start the machine, rubber scraping from top to bottom, the speed control at 10 m / min, the glue on the blank temperature maintained at 35-40 degrees.

After the glue, immediately put the net in a low temperature oven ventilation, the temperature at 45 degrees, humidity 60 degrees, time for 15 minutes.

4. Package and exposure

After drying, you can carry the package. The network will be placed on the package machine, the first inflatable, the film will be covered on the film, to confirm the package, and then two inflatable, while exposure, attention to exposure intensity and time to be uniform and full.

5. Development

Place the exposed web into the development slot. Trough ready for about 30 degrees of warm water, soak for 10 minutes, remove, wash the grid, open the valve, so that the water fully washed clean.

6. Repair and baking

Low temperature drying, inspection and repair, and then the net into the 180-degree baking oven for 2 hours.

7. Glue the bulkhead

The net on the shelf, with scissors cut the two ends of the rotary screen, pay attention to must be cut; in the bulkhead coated with a good adhesive glue, the round screen according to the flower mark and bulkhead mark alignment, pressure to bulk Round ends. And heated to fix it.

8. General check

Well, then the network on the lighthouse to check, and control film to modify.

9. Precautions

(1) round screen in the package before the surface should be coated with talcum powder. To prevent the film stick sticky photoresist.

(2) pay attention to the same batch of circular network to do the same pattern, must not be imported network and domestic network mix, to prevent the two rounds of the circle is poor, the production is not on the flowers. And the size of the round head do not call.

(3) attention to the development of two and intermediate temperature to be uniform.

(4) for the child to facilitate inspection and repair, photoresist layer can be 3% methyl violet solution for coloring.