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The Plain Nickel Mesh Is The Most Common Weaving Method Aug 02, 2017

Nickel mesh is mainly used for acid and alkali environment screening and gas, liquid filtration and other media separation. Which weaving nickel mesh with plain weave, twill weave, plain weave knitting, twill weaving in the Netherlands, reverse the Netherlands weaving five methods. Nickel mesh specifications 1 mesh - 330 mesh.

1, plain nickel mesh:

Is the most common weaving method, the main feature is the warp and weft wire diameter of the same density.

2, pure nickel and nickel square wire mesh

Nickel mesh is suitable for oil, chemical, chemical fiber, rubber, tire manufacturing, metallurgy, medicine, food and other industries, nickel wire woven into a variety of specifications, cloth, with good acid, alkali, high temperature and other properties.

3, pure nickel dense network

Material: nickel wire weaving: plain weave Nickel dense network, twill weave Nickel dense network, bamboo flower woven nickel dense network performance: a filter performance is stable, fine and so on. Uses: used in aerospace, petroleum, chemical and other industries.

Nickel mesh according to the weaving classification: 1, plain weave 2, twill weave 3, plain weave knitting 4, twill Dutch weaving

Nickel mesh specifications 1 mesh - 330 mesh

Material -n6

Uses: for acid, alkali environment, screening and filtration.

First, nickel wire braid

Woven by the latitude and longitude of nickel wire, the hole is generally square hole.

Head: 1-200 mesh

Nickel wire Material: Ni4, Ni6, nickel-chromium alloy wire, nickel-copper alloy wire

Wide mesh length and special specifications can be customized.

Second, nickel plate (or nickel foil) stretch net

By the nickel plate or nickel foil by mechanical stamping drawn from the mesh for the diamond-shaped hole.

Net length and other special requirements can be customized according to customer requirements.

Third, the nickel plate (or nickel foil punching network)

Made of nickel plate or nickel foil by mechanical stamping

Thickness: 0.04-9mm

Mesh width 4mm-1200mm

Mesh has: round hole, long hole, semi-circular hole, square hole, rectangular hole, a word hole, triangular hole, hexagonal hole, diamond-shaped hole, trapezoidal hole

Other specifications can be customized.

Four, nickel wire knitting network, also known as nickel wire vapor filter, foam network, foam network, shielding net sets, etc., is a special crochet with knitting crochet process woven from the screen, is widely used in the production Special environment of the screen demister, air filter, oil and gas separation, dust filter, gas-liquid separation, internal combustion engine filter, electromagnetic shielding.

Net width: 25mm-600mm

Mesh size, filter density and other specifications can be customized.

Features: Nickel mesh in the anti-corrosion, conductive, shielding and other aspects of a good performance, mainly for battery electrodes, collector networks, shielding radiation, special gas liquid filtration.