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What Are The Advantages Of Pure Nickel Wire? Aug 02, 2017

The mechanical properties of nickel are close to that of carbon steel, and its alkaline corrosion resistance is second only to silver in the metal material. The nickel wire forms a black protective film on the surface of the concentrated base, which makes it very corrosion resistant. Used for electric light source materials, coating with high surface quality, good processing performance, for the production of work such as the anode, spacer, electrode holder, also can be used as guide wire in the bulb, also played a very important role in chlor alkali industry. An alloy having a variety of components for use in different conditions. Moreover, the electrode materials require low resistivity, so as to avoid electrode overheating, high temperature strength, to reduce material wear, in the arc of the role of more viscous melting and volatilization, in order to improve service life and other performance.

Advantages of pure nickel wire

1. Pure nickel wire has weldability, higher conductivity, suitable coefficient of linear expansion

2 、 pure nickel wire has better strength and lower resistivity at high temperature

3, pure nickel wire of high melting point, corrosion resistance, good mechanical properties, have good machinability in the pressure of hot and cold conditions, easy degassing, suitable for radio, electric light, machinery manufacturing, chemical industry, is one of the important structural material for vacuum electronic device.